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Psychedelic crayon art-easy and awesome

I am gonna show you how to make a really cool and easy way to make a work of art even if you are not artistic,you can do this. I call it psychedelic crayon art because,well,that is what it is. first a little bit about crayons first before we start our work of art. Edwin Read More

Acrylic art paint-my personal favorite

There is oil paints,pastels,water color,acrylic and more.My personal favorite is acrylic art paints.The reason why, it cleans up with water,it is pretty much oderless,it is cheaper than oil paints ,drys fast,it mixes well with other colors,you can use it on several different surfaces.It will last for years if it is not exposed to direct sun Read More

Dremel multi tool-can do about anything

Here in this post i am going to tell you why i love the dremel multi tool. There are plenty different name brands and i have tried most all of them.I tried the other brands to try to save a little money,well,you get what you pay for.The dremel multi tool is by far the best Read More


It is a musical instrument made of different sizes of tube tied together in a bundle or a row. Pan pipes have been around for along time. legend sais,it was created by the Greeks. They named it after a Greek God named pan-the patron of shepards.It is said to be the oldest Greek musical instrument Read More

Diy bamboo wind chime-hear mother earths songs

First before we make our bamboo wind chime,Here is a little history on our project The first known wind chimes came about in 1100 bc.Wind chimes were used to bring good luck and to ward off evil spirits in china. Wind chimes were also used for religious purposes and to protect people from becoming sick. Read More

How i made a tin man-You can too!

First starting out was pretty much trial and error. The first way I tried was by running string thru the middle of the cans. That did not work so well. I also tried using nuts and bolts, that did not work for me neither. I finally ended up using rubber caulking, the kind that dries Read More

Interesting facts about The wizard of oz movie

 everyone i am sure has seen the movie The wizard of Oz.It was one of my all time favorites      growing up besides Alice in wonderland.I have decided to give you some interesting facts about     the movie because my next post, we will be making a tin man.  Did you know the lions Read More

Egg art project- easy to do !

The chicken came first!! At least to America in 1493 our chickens ancestors came here to America on a ship. Who brought them here?That’s right, Christopher Columbus introduced our chickens ancestors to the Americas! alt ho there were rumors that there was a certain breed already here but it couldent be proved. There is evidence Read More

Paper mache craft ideas-make a peace sign wall hanging

Paper mache  has been around longer than you might think. Try the Han Dynasty 202 b.c.  The Chinese  invented      paper first and then paper mache. You know what they used paper mache for? Helmets!!!  It does not seem to safe  all tho they put layers of laquer on them to make them hard. Read More

make a simple kite- using a large garbage bag

Before we get started on our  kite making,i wanted to tell you a little bit about them.We do not really know the actual origin of the kite,but, as far back as 549 a.d  kites were being flown made of  silk and then paper.The earliest documentation  of the kite was the Han Dynasty  from 206 bc. Read More

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