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Paper mache craft ideas-make a peace sign wall hanging

Paper mache  has been around longer than you might think. Try the Han Dynasty 202 b.c.  The Chinese  invented      paper first and then paper mache. You know what they used paper mache for? Helmets!!!  It does not seem to safe  all tho they put layers of laquer on them to make them hard. Read More

make a simple kite- using a large garbage bag

Before we get started on our  kite making,i wanted to tell you a little bit about them.We do not really know the actual origin of the kite,but, as far back as 549 a.d  kites were being flown made of  silk and then paper.The earliest documentation  of the kite was the Han Dynasty  from 206 bc. Read More

deer antler crafts- novelty back scratcher

Hunting for deer antler This will be a good excuse to get out in the wood’s breath the fresh air and see some wilderness. You might want to bring a camera,compass,binoculars and what-ever else you want. Always good to be prepared when you are going into the woods. Really easy to get turned around. You Read More

Rock hounds-Make a water window

A little history The earliest proof of rock hounding was found in graves dating back to ancient Egypt. Archeologists discovered  graves with oddly shaped rocks and fossils put in with the occupants .Maybe the person was buried with them    because they liked them and wanted to take them to the spirit world to have Read More

How to make a walking stick-with a dremel tool and mother earth

items=”5″]First a little history about walking sticks before we make one.its always good to know about. What your making Walking sticks used to is a symbol of power, authority and social prestige. In Europe the 17th and 18 centuries, the walking stick became popular among the gentleman. It was also used as a weapon replacing Read More

Wood carving rasps and dremel tool-go hand in hand

I use a wood rasp almost as much as I do the dremel tool.they seem to go hand in hand when I am doing certain projects. The rasp helps smooth and shape wood and also can get into those hard to reach places. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some can be rough, medium Read More

diy bird house gourd art-make a native rattle

Rattles have been around for hundreds of years and most widely used more than the drums or flute Natives call it the three nations, the container or the feather decor placed on the rattle represents the animal kingdom. The rocks for sound and the paint for decor, represents the mineral kingdom and the gourd represents Read More

Make a bird house from a gourd-cute yard decor!!!

This is a good project to do with children but first you need a bird house gourd. There are different names for this gourd bottleneck, calabash, long Mellon is a few of its name   It needs to be completely dry before making the bird house, if freshly cut(cut before 1st frost) leave about 3 Read More

make a peace pipe wall hanging with bamboo and a rotary tool

First a little history about the peace pipe.There is several different names for it.Tt has    click been around for a long time. The sacred pipe has two purposes only, To speak with the spirit world.and during peace treaties was the only time it was smoked. Native Americans had their own personal pipes to smoke Read More

The dremel rotary tool-jack of all trades

The dremel tool IS the jack of all trades, or shall i say, the tool of all trades. You can carve wood with it, engrave glass, cut glass, polish with it, sand wood with it, use it for a router, sharpen things with it, use it as a drill! The list goes on and on Read More

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